CourseInvestor Inc. Is a full-service Profitable Funnel Experts Business.

We specialize in Selling or Co-Investing with you on profitable funnels and Guarantee ROI to our clients.

When you combine our advanced technical expertise, the vast knowledge of digital marketing, and over $56 million dollars of data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon you’ve got a team and culture of results-driven individuals who work day and night to generate you an ROI.


The CourseInvestor Story
In 2017, Founder & CEO Thomas Fenwick started an e-commerce venture to supplement his income following his job at Virginia Mason Hospital In Seattle WA.

After making slightly more than his pay at the hospital, Thomas decided to quit his job and pursue Shopify Drop-Shipping. 14 Months after quitting his job, Thomas moved back in with his parents and borrowed money from his close family members. The business went bust… Severely depressed and having pressure from his parents to get a job again, At the brink of quitting, Thomas was scrolling on twitter one time and came across a classmate from 8 years ago, and how he was starting his second successful company.

Thomas reached out, and started to become close with him again, His friend invited him to a mastermind meeting with successful entrepreneurs In Bellevue Washington.. Through that mastermind meeting he got close with one of the business owners, and that business owner was the one who hosted those mastermind meetings in his penthouse at the age of 24.

After 4 months of friendship, his now mentor decided to show him how to “Actually” make it with Shopify Drop-shipping, leveraging TapCart and turning your shopify store into a smartphone App.

Doing this strategy Thomas made multiple 7 FIgures in shopify to date, Sold 2 Of his apps for $12MM Respectively, and decided to launch a digital course on how to do it as well.

” I noticed the power of having an automated High Ticket Funnel, and ever since then i’ve noticed a MASSIVE amount of requests on instagram and Telegram groups, consistently asking me on how i grew a multi 7 Figure digital course business’ – Thomas Fenwick

Because of this, Thomas decided to allow Investors to Invest with CourseInvestor on a 60/40% Split or full-out Buy the profitable funnel and they can manage the customer support and advertising on their own.

Through CourseInvestor, You are guaranteed 3-5K Your first 3 weeks of launching and Full Satisfaction or your money back.

“Everyone should have their own profitable funnel, and not spend 10’s of thousands learning from trial and error. We have a winning Digital program, with 4.5 Stars and over 500 Students ”

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